Let's talk CAT6a cables!

by Brad on September 01, 2020

Titan AV CAT6A cables are the new standard in network cable for live sound, studio & installs. Designed in Brisbane Australia, our TOUR READY design makes sure this cable is tough enough to handle day to day use when reliability is your top priority.

What makes Titan AV Cat6a cables so great? High quality cable for one! Designed for professionals on the road the Titan AV Cat6a cable is built tough.  Wrapped in a PE (Polyethylene) case with an outside diameter of ø7.5mm.  Thicker than most other cat cables on the market this gives an added protection to the critical parts that make up the internals of the cable.  The whole range comes with a clear heat shrink fitted for easy labelling and it’s free from micro-phonics.

It's what’s inside that counts!

What makes up the internals of our CAT6a cables? 26AWG oxygen free copper - using high quality 26 gauge (ø0.40mm) leaves us with a bit more space to incorporate a few different stages of shielding.

What is shielding?  Shielding is essential in protection against Electromagnetic interference (EMI).  EMI causes degradation and interference of signals caused by power sources.  Shielding will help protect the signal running through your cable against anything with an electrical power source.

PVC wrapped twisted pairs - PVC is a polymer plastic which is great for electrical insulation.  After we wrap our copper in PVC the 4 pairs that make up a cat cable are twisted.  Twisting these pairs help cancel out the electromagnetic field of interference around each wire.

Dual Shield Coverage - Once the pairs have been twisted each pair is then wrapped in an 100% aluminium foil and then all 4 twisted pairs are then surrounded by high quality oxygen free braided copper.  Every stage of shielding is important to stop that EMI from disrupting your signal.

Neutrik Connector

After much research into the industry and listening to our customers we’ve fitted our cat cables with the Neutrik NE8MX-B-1 etherCON cat5e connector. 

What makes this connector so great?

Outer shell - Made of a durable Zinc diecast the shell on the neutrik connector is tough and reliable.  Boosting a mating cycle of >1000 cycles and withstanding temperatures from -30 °C to +80 °C the outer shell of the connector will take a fair bit of abuse thrown at it.


RJ45 - Making sure we added a quality shielded RJ45 connector into our cable was paramount for us.  It's the backbone of the connection where your signal is transferred from an external component through to the cable.  Our RJ45 connectors are encased metal shield and anchored to the braided copper in our cable giving you a full grounded connection giving the ability to run 48V phantom power.

Boot - Made from a Polyamide material the boot is critical in providing a flexible buffer between the connector and cable.  This gives a cushion and allows the cable to move freely and not get pinched.  Making sure your cables integrity is untouched.

Why do we use a cat5e connector on our cat6a cable? 

Most mixing consoles and stageboxes are still using the cat5e protocol.  Until the industry catches up to cat6 we’ll still use cat5e connectors.  But be assured, our cat6 cable is ready to go when the rest of the industry catches up!

Reliable performance

Combining the highest quality components and an industry leading connector the Titan AV CAT6a cable has been run through a digital multimeter Fluke tester the ensure you're getting the strongest and fastest data transfer available in CAT6 cable.  Boasting a limited lifetime warranty, which if you’ve ever owned a Titan AV cable you know you won't need!  Available in lengths from 1m up to 50m.




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