NEW: Shock Mount Rack System

by Brad on July 06, 2020

Vibration to sensitive electrical equipment can cause damage and failure long term.  Travelling can be a regular part of our jobs.  From event to event, meeting to meeting or job site to job site.  Frequently transporting your gear around can take a toll on it and decrease the lifespan of your investment.  So, how do you transport your equipment safely?


The Titan AV 19” Shock Mount Rack System is a great solution for installing into your van, car, trailer or truck.  If you keep sensitive equipment such as hard drives, computer servers, audio amplifiers and DSP processors in your vehicle while constantly in transit anti-vibration racks are for you.  With vibration causing damage to electrical boards and components, the last thing you need is to show up to a job with gear broken and not working.

All shapes and sizes.


Shock mount systems are available in two depths 450mm and 550mm deep with the 450mm depth available in 2RU, 3RU, 4RU, 6RU and 8RU.  These are perfect for installing into utes or trucks on mine sites or military vehicles that are carrying sensitive electronics.


The larger 550mm depth is available in 8RU, 10RU, 12RU, 14RU and all the way up to 16RU.  For more info on what an RU depth is, check out our previous blog on open racks Get your IT storage sorted with an Open Rack!



Setting up is easy!

Supplied as a flat pack kit to save you on shipping costs, it's easy to assemble with basic tools.  See our step by step assembly instructions here


(Coming Soon) There is an option to add dual mounts per corner to accommodate heavier rack mount equipment which helps increase the absorption abilities.  With rubber having flexible and elastic properties, most small vibrations will be absorbed by this rubber.  Think of the rubber mounts as a chickens body and the rack as the chickens head.  I’ll put the GIF below to demonstrate this very scientific example.





So many applications!

Truck drivers, mine sites, military, caravan enthusiasts, event production, tradies and mobile broadcast industries can all benefit from the features of anti-vibration shock proof mounts.  Install one into your vehicles or go down the route of building your own case, check out our range of road case hardware here.  The investment in shock proof may save you thousands in the long run!


For any further questions on our Shock Mount Rack System please feel free to contact us at or give us a call on 07 3423 3463



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