Easily secure AV equipment and decorations to your truss structure with Titan AV clamps, shelves, brackets, adapters & mounts.

          Note: Many truss accessories are designed for 50mm (290 & 400) or 32mm (200) truss. These measurements refer to the thickness of the truss chords (main support tubes) and will ensure that you match the right sized clamp, spigot or mount for your size of truss. For example, 290 truss has 50mm thick chords requiring 50mm accessories.

          357 Nashua Gaffer Black 48mm X 40m


          Titan AV 50mm Truss Lighting Clamp, SWL 100 Kg


          Titan AV 290mm Box - Tri Lighting Truss TV Mounting Adapter Plate


          Titan AV 50mm Truss Lighting Clamp Double Coupler SWL 500 Kg


          Titan AV Base plate Half Spigot, Pin, Clip & Screw


          Stylus 511 Fluro-Neon Gaffer Green 24mm X 45m


          50mm Lighting Clamp, SWL 500 Kg


          Stylus 511 Fluro-Neon Gaffer Yellow 24mm X 45m


          50mm Truss Clamp, SWL 250 Kg


          357 Nashua Gaffer White 48mm X 40m


          Stylus 511 Fluro-Neon Gaffer Pink 24mm X 45m


          Stylus 511 Fluro-Neon Gaffer Orange 24mm X 45m


          Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting Truss Stand, Tripod


          50mm Truss Clamp Half Spigot - SWL 500 Kg


          Titan AV 50mm Truss Lighting Half Spigot for 290mm Box Cube


          Titan AV 32mm Truss Lighting Clamp, SWL 30 Kg

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