Thinking Inside The Box

by Shannon on September 16, 2020

How we came to CNC manufacture 

At the beginning of March 2020 our team set off around Australia with Entech Roadshow, a touring trade show for professionals in the event industry. 

We travelled to Perth, Adelaide and Sydney - showcasing our Titan AV road cases, truss and cables - and were about to jump on a plane to Melbourne. Then … BOOM! The PM announced the immediate shutdown of large public gatherings due to COVID-19, which has been devastating for the industry and its suppliers. However, like many businesses, we realised we needed to adapt and innovate in order to play our part in helping the industry recover.

So we went back to the drawing board and started thinking INSIDE the box. We invested in new technology — a CNC machine — that sounds like a jet engine, looks like a big air hockey table and functions as a Computer Numerical Controlled router. It allowed us to bring some of our manufacturing in-house by cutting various materials like foam, aluminium and plywood. The result? Our new line of premium foam inserts cut to precision for a super-satisfying perfect fit.

Premium Foam Inserts

Titan AV premium foam inserts are designed & cut by our team in Brisbane using CNC router machines, capable of precision foam cutting. 

Made from high density closed cell EPE & EVA, Titan AV foam inserts offer excellent durability, shock absorption & can be exposed to water without absorbing it making them particularly useful to prevent moisture & mould build up. 

Behind the scenes creating Titan AV Foam Inserts.

With CNC technology we can Create'N'Cut foam inserts to perfectly fit & protect your equipment for years to come. 


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