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          Tailored Solutions for Every Need

          At Titan AV, we understand that every customer has unique requirements when it comes to protecting their gear. That's why our foam inserts are designed to provide tailored solutions for a wide range of needs, whether you're a professional AV technician in need of precise equipment organisation or a DIY enthusiast looking to customise your storage solution. With our versatile foam inserts, you can enjoy unmatched durability, precision, and peace of mind knowing that your equipment is well-protected in any situation.

          Sennheiser EW Belt Packs 2RU Drawer Foam Insert - Houses 6


          Titan AV EPE Foam Insert for 2RU Steel Drawer


          Foam Drawer Liner for Titan AV Rack Drawers 1U, 2U, 3U & 4U


          Sennheiser 935 EW Microphone 2RU Drawer Foam Insert - Houses 6.


          Sennheiser EW Belt Packs & Wireless 935 Microphone Head Rack Drawer Foam Insert


          Waterproof carry case for 16 handheld wired mics


          Sennheiser 935 EW Mics & Clips 2RU Foam Insert - Houses 4.


          13.3" Macbook Air & Pro Case


          2RU 19" Steel Drawer, 350mm Deep with EPE foam insert


          Titan AV EPE Foam Insert for 3RU Steel Drawer


          Case with 8 Microphone Foam Insert 388 x 268 x 206mm (int)


          Shure UR2 with SM58 Head 2RU Foam Insert - Houses 6


          Shure ULXD1 Belt Pack & ULXD2 SM58 Mics 2RU Foam Insert


          Titan AV EPE Shadow Foam Insert for 2RU Steel Drawer


          3RU 19" Steel Drawer, 350mm Deep with EPE foam insert


          Shure ULXD1 Wirelss Bodypack Transmitter 2RU Drawer Foam Insert - Houses 6


          Titan AV Foam Inserts

          At Titan AV, we specialise in providing foam inserts that seamlessly fit into our 19" rack drawers and waterproof hard cases. Whether you're a professional AV technician or a hobbyist, our foam inserts are designed to accommodate a wide range of gear, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection.

          Our rack drawer and case foam inserts are meticulously crafted using advanced CNC technology, guaranteeing precise cuts and a snug fit for your equipment. From microphones and cameras to tools and hobby gear, our inserts are versatile enough to meet any need.

          Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your gear is securely stored and easily accessible, thanks to our foam inserts. Explore our range today and discover the perfect solution for organising and protecting your equipment.


          • Tailored Protection: Our Premium AV Foam Inserts are designed to fit your specific equipment perfectly, providing superior protection against impacts and vibrations.
          • Versatile Applications: Ideal for a wide range of gear, from microphones and cameras to tools and hobby equipment.
          • Quality Craftsmanship: Proudly made in Australia using advanced CNC technology, ensuring precise cuts and durable construction.
          • Easy Customisation: Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, our DIY Foam Inserts are easy to customize to suit your unique needs.
          • Long-lasting: Crafted from high-quality materials, our foam inserts are built to last, ensuring your gear remains protected for years to come.

          Upgrade your gear protection with Titan AV’s Foam Inserts today and experience the difference in quality and precision.

          People also ask

          • What types of equipment can I use custom foam inserts for?

            Our custom foam inserts are versatile and can be used for a wide range of equipment, including microphones, belt packs, antennas, laptops, cameras, tools, and hobby gear. All of our foam inserts are made to fit Titan AV 19" Rack Drawers & Hard Cases.

          • What exactly is a DIY Foam Insert?

            Our DIY foam inserts are a low-cost CIY (Cut-It-Yourself) storage solution. Easy to cut, EPE foam allows you to create a custom fit for your chosen case or 19" rack drawers. Perfect for organising and protecting your audio gear, cameras, tools, tablets, and hobby gear, these DIY foam inserts provide a versatile and customisable storage option.

          • Do you make foam inserts for AV gear?

            For those needing pre-made solutions, our EVA foam inserts are crafted using advanced CNC technology to precisely fit popular professional AV equipment like microphones, belt packs, and antennas from brands like Shure and Sennheiser. These Premium AV Foam Inserts offer superior durability and impact resistance, making them ideal for production companies, venues, theaters, schools, and churches.

          • Can I get a custom foam insert for my specific equipment?

            Yes, we offer customisation options to ensure your foam insert perfectly fits your specific AV gear. While we primarily focus on bulk productions (10+ inserts) for custom work to make it financially viable, we're always open to feedback and suggestions from our customers. If you have a specific design or request for a foam insert, feel free to reach out to our customer service team with your suggestions. Who knows, your feedback may just inspire new designs that could be added to our production line in the future!

          Premium AV Foam Inserts

          Cut to precision for a perfect fit, Titan AV Premium AV Foam Inserts organise and protect your microphones, belt packs, laptops, & other technical gear. Made from 40mm premium EVA foam, they offer exceptional durability + impact resistance. Safety pinches keep your gear secure, & convenient finger holes allow for easy access. Compatible with Titan AV 19" rack drawers & hard cases.

          DIY Foam Inserts

          EPE foam inserts offer a budget-friendly DIY—or more accurately, CIY (Cut-It-Yourself)—storage solution. Easy to cut, EPE foam allows you to create a custom fit for your chosen case or 19" rack drawers. Perfect for organising & protecting your audio gear, cameras, tools, laptops, and hobby gear, these inserts provide a versatile & customisable storage option.


          Benefits of our Premium Foam



          Dust Free

          Dust Free





          Impact Resistant

          Impact Resistant

          Immune to Mould

          Immune to Mould

          Manufactured in Australia

          Titan AV custom foam inserts are designed and cut by our team in Brisbane using advanced CNC router machines. These machines ensure precision cutting of various materials, including foam, aluminum, and plywood. With CNC technology, we create foam inserts that perfectly fit & protect your equipment for years to come.

          Discover Titan AV

          We're your trusted Australian brand in reliable Audio Visual Equipment designed for setups without the hiccups! From durable rack cases and waterproof hard cases to a comprehensive collection of cables and lighting truss, we provide everything you need to ensure your equipment is protected and your setup runs smoothly. If you're in Brisbane, come and visit us in Northgate.

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