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          Upgrade your road case or dive into a DIY project with Titan AV's comprehensive collection of road case hardware. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just starting, our selection has you covered. From butterfly latches, aluminum extrusions, and recessed handles to plywood sheets and heavy-duty castor wheels, we have everything you need.

          For DIY tips and insights, explore our build your own road case blog. Titan AV is your one-stop-shop for all things road case hardware in Australia. Visit our Brisbane showroom for a hands-on experience, or conveniently shop online 24/7. Your road case upgrade starts here!

          Titan AV 19" Rack Rail 24RU, 1070mm


          Titan AV Road Case Butterfly Latch/Catch Recessed - Medium


          Titan AV Recessed Spring Loaded Handle - Zinc


          Titan AV Road Case Ball Corner - Chrome


          Titan AV Road Case Hybrid Joiner Aluminium Extrusion 9mm


          Titan AV Road Case Flat Corner - Zinc


          Titan AV Recessed Spring Loaded Handle - Black


          Titan AV Road Case U Channel-Capping Extrusion 9mm


          Titan AV Road Case Butterfly Latch/Catch Surface Mount - Small  


          Titan AV Road Case Angle Joiner Extrusion 30mm


          30mm Aluminium Extrusion Angle for Road Cases


          Titan AV Road Case Sunken Ball Corner - Chrome


          Titan AV L-Brace Plate 30mm Cut Corners - Chrome


          Titan AV Lift Off Hinge Small - Chrome


          Titan AV Punched Piano Hinge Road Case - 1.8M


          Titan AV Spring loaded Handle - Chrome


          People also ask

          • What are the essential components of a DIY Road Case?

            A standard DIY Road Case typically includes components such as butterfly latches, recessed handles, aluminium extrusions, ball corners or flat corners, case hinges, castor wheels, rivets & washers, protective foam & laminated plywood sheets. These materials, when combined thoughtfully, contribute to a durable and reliable custom made road case for your gear.

          • How do I custom build a road case?

            Building your own road case is rewarding. Begin with a solid plan, and explore Titan AV Road Case Hardware for essential ingredients like recessed handles, laminate plywood, and butterfly latches. For step-by-step guidance, check Instructables' post on "How to Build a Road Case."

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