stage light safety cable
stage light safety cable
50cm Stage Light Safety Cable | SWL 25Kg
50cm Stage Light Safety Cable | SWL 25Kg
  • SKU: TR-CLP50-SC50

50cm Stage Light Safety Cable | SWL 25Kg

Fail Safe Rigging for Stage Lighting Set Ups

    Titan AV's stage light safety cable, made from 2mm thick steel, is an important ‘fail safe’ for your overhead fixtures and effects. Whether it be in a night club, trade show, pub or theatre; keeping your performers & audiences safe - from heavy equipment falling on them - is priority number 1. Our stage light safety cable is 540mm long including loop and carabiner with a loading capability of up to 25kg, Titan AV safety wires have a 2mm thick wire. Easy to use with a loop and carabiner.


    • 2mm thick steel stage light safety cable.
    • Load rated to 25 kg.
    • Supplied with carabiner.


    • Thickness: 2mm Steel.
    • Length: 540mm (Including carabiner), 500mm Loop to loop.
    • Weight: 0.1 kg