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  • SKU: X-CNL-4-N

Titan AV Speakon Connector 4 Pole Male lock

    Speakon's are the industry standard for loudspeaker connections, they are extremely reliable and robust making them suitable for all passive speaker and amplifier connections in the pro audio industry. Speakon connectors offer greater reliability, ease of assembly, improved contact integrity and improved locking system over the traditional 1/4" jack and XLR cannons. This is a high quality 2-pole & 4-pole speakon plug with a robust ABS plastic chassis and accurate twist lock latching system. Perfect for connections between power amplifiers and passive speakers, designed to transfer speaker line level signals.
    Titan AV Audio connectors and adapters are ergonomic, high quality, reliable and backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.
    • High quality connector
    • Only three parts to assemble
    • Perfect for use with speaker boxes, power amplifiers, patch panels & custom installations
    • 1 piece strain relief, chuck for 7-14.5mm cable O.D.
    • Screw type termination
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Dimensions: 70 x 30mm (LxW)
    • Colour: Grey & Blue
    • ABS Plastic
    • 1 x Speakon 2-pole or 4-pole Connector