CNC Insert EPE for FXC-1005, Black
CNC Insert EPE for FXC-1005, Black
  • SKU: CNC-1005-EPEBLK

EPE Foam Insert for 1005 Small Hard Case, Black


    Designed for our Titan AV 1005 Waterproof Storage Case, this EPE blank insert is the perfect upgrade for your 1005 case. For when the original foam has worn out or you're just looking for a next step up visually and added protection for your valuable multimeters, tools, gel blasters, cameras & lenses.

    EPE foam is an expanded polyethylene closed cell foam, also known as Pearl foam. The EPE foam material is a lightweight, semi-rigid, flexible foam, most commonly used in packaging, for impact and shock absorption, vibration dampening, and surface protection.

    EPE foam is a low cost expanded polyethylene foam with non-crosslinked and closed cell structure. Also commonly known in varying industries by some of their trademark names like Stratocell® and Plastazote®. They come in sheets/planks in varying thicknesses which are then usually cut to size with vertical saw cutting or CNC routing technology. This product is generally laminated with a contact adhesive or by heating the surface until it starts to melt and applying pressure to a separate piece. As an economically priced closed cell foam, EPE foam is quite popular to use for various moisture resistance and thermal insulation required applications wear price is important. Because of its great strength to weight ratio, you find them in basic foam packaging, floor underlay, furniture edge protection and water flotation.

    EPE foam is extremely versatile as it is easily shaped, formed, routed and cut to size making it ideal for foaming out Road Cases, camera cases, drone cases and or any case requiring a custom foam insert. EPE foam features don’t end there, it is a dust free (does not powder), is non-abrasive and has great thermal insulation properties. Furthermore, it is highly resistant top petroleum, crude oil and most chemicals, EPE is also recyclable and environment-friendly.

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    • Easy to cut
    • Durable
    • Material: EPE Foam (expanded polyethylene closed cell foam)
    • Foam density: 22kg / m3
    • Foam sheet size: 332 x 214 x 120mm (40mm x 3 layers)
    • Colour: Black
    • 1 x EPE foam insert