Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar (PAIR)
Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar (PAIR)
Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar (PAIR)
Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar (PAIR)
Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar (PAIR)
  • SKU: KIT-0225

Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up Lighting T-Bar (PAIR)

$2,050.00 $2,064.00

    Light up your stage effortlessly with a pair of Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up T-Bar. Designed for professionals, this sturdy yet versatile T-Bar simplifies your lighting setup, ensuring a flawless performance every time.

    With its winch up mechanism, adjusting the height of your lights is a breeze – no more manual lifting. Just a few cranks and you're set, providing optimal coverage for any event space.

    Built for durability and safety, the Titan AV T-Bar features locking pins and secure mounting points, keeping your lights in place throughout your show. Plus, its compact design and lightweight construction make transportation a breeze.

    Illuminate your stage with ease and precision. Elevate your performances with the Titan AV 4.1m Winch Up T-Bar – order yours today and shine brighter tomorrow!

    What's in the kit?


    • All Steel parts including clamp
    • High quality metal safety pins
    • Winch has built in clutch & fold down handle
    • Non-slip rubber feet
    • Easy fold up and down
    • Compact for transportation
    • Stylish & ergonomic
    • Warranty: 12 months

    D-XL566 Tripod Specs:

    • Adjustable foot print (3 settings): 86-125cm
    • Length adjustment on one leg for un-level ground: 10cm, 1.5cm increments by 8 points
    • Height adjustment: 170-410cm
    • Fold down size: 166 x 22 x 29cm (H x W x D)
    • Max loading weight: 80 kg
    • Material: Steel
    • Colour: Black
    • Weight: 25 kg

    1.5m T-Bar Specs:

    • 1.5m Titan AV tube truss (TR-SP30-150)
    • 35mm to 290mm truss adapter with two heavy duty clamps
    • Truss T-bar frame max load: 15kg per side, Max load 30kg (Must be evenly distributed)
    • Colour - Truss mill finish (Silver)
    • Mounting hardware included: Yes
    • Assembly required: Yes
    • Weight: 3.75kg
    Please note: Lights for display purposes, not sold with this KIT