Midas M32 Case
Midas M32 Case
Midas M32 Case
Midas M32 Case
Midas M32 Case
  • SKU: RC-SC-M32

Midas M32 Case

$601.00 $707.00

    This Midas M32 Case has been designed specifically for use with the Midas M32 and M32 Live Digital Mixing Console. This M32 road case has custom CNC cut foam that will securely hold the M32 in place to maximize protection during transport, foam has been strategically placed to allow sufficient ventilation and operation of all mixer features.

    Pre-made mixer cases with a custom feel.

    Titan AV Road cases have been designed to keep your valuable equipment safe from the rigorous touring lifestyle. Designed with touring in mind these road cases will withstand all the pushing and shoving, stacking and packing of any touring act. Titan AV tour ready road cases are perfect for transporting sensitive equipment such as digital mixing consoles, wireless microphone, photography & videography gear, cables, satellite communication equipment, GPS, computers, defence and military equipment.

    Titan AV road cases feature Hexa Laminate 9mm plywood, high quality 1.6mm thick Aluminium joiner extrusion and chrome dipped steel corners and braces.


    • Material: 9mm plywood & Aluminium extrusion
    • Case finish: HexA laminate (Anti-scratch, tough & hard-wearing)
    • Foam padding: EVA foam (High impact resistant)
    • Warranty: 2 year
    • No. of Butterfly latches: 4
    • No. handles: 2
    • Heavy duty flat corners: Yes
    • Rubber feet: Yes
    • Recessed wheels: Yes
    • Customised foam: Yes


    • Exterior dimensions (W x D x H): 960 x 770 x 360mm
    • Interior dimensions (W x D x H): 898 x 620 x 280mm
    • Rear cable/connector space (W x D): 760 x 100mm
    • Weight: 21.5 Kg

    Choose Titan AV for superior protection and durability. Elevate your Midas M32 safety with our tour-ready Mixer Road Case.