5x18 Aluminium Rivet & Washer, Silver, 100pcs

5x18 Aluminium Rivet & Washer, Silver, 100pcs


    Introducing our 100-pack of high-quality rivets and washers, meticulously designed for superior performance in a variety of applications. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these rivets and washers offer unmatched reliability, making them essential components for any project.

    Designed to fit snugly into 5mm diameter mounting holes, these rivets ensure a secure and stable hold. Whether you're building a touring road case from scratch, securing wood into ally angles and extrusions or mounting braces, corners, and handles, these rivets are up to the task.

    Each rivet is accompanied by a washer, enhancing the strength and stability of the mounted hardware by increasing the surface area of the rivet. This standard feature ensures optimal performance and longevity, aligning with the quality you expect from our products.


    • Heavy-duty construction ensures reliability in demanding environments.
    • Ideal for repairing cabinets, cases, custom builds, and PA projects.
    • Backed by a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.


    • Material: Aluminum head & steel shaft
    • Rivet size: 18 x 4.8mm (L x Diameter)
    • Grip Range (G): 11 ~ 13mm
    • Washer size: 12mm (Diameter)
    • Washer Mounting hole: 5mm (Diameter)
    • Color: Ally mill finish color
    • Net weight: 0.5 kg (100pcs rivet & washer)

    Elevate your projects with the Titan AV Rivet & Washer 100 pcs pack, delivering unmatched quality and performance with every use.