Which stand is right for me?

by admin on November 26, 2018

Today we're talking all things guitar stands, mic stands, speaker stands amp stands, everything stands! When getting ready for a gig there are a few kinds of stands that you might need. 

Guitar stands and Amp stands

These aren't essential items but sometimes you'll need somewhere to put your guitar. They come in all different sizes from single guitar stands to a rack that will hold up to five guitars. You can get A-Frame stands or ones that extend to holding the neck of the guitar. Also if you're electric guitarist this amp stand might come in handy to get your amp pointed up at your ears rather than the back of your knees. 

Speaker stands

Another thing you might need is speaker stands or as some people call them tripods. They're used to raise your speakers in the air. Our Titan AV speaker stands also come with a nice protective bag. You can also get the sub poles which will go from your subwoofer you've either got a threaded option or a 35-millimeter option. 

Mic stands

The first type of mic stand you might need is a boom mic stand like these. Boom mic stands are generally used by musicians that play instruments such as guitarists and piano players. You can also get a microphone stand with a round base typically singers like to use these ones you can also get the smaller stands are typical for setting up kick drum mics and miking guitar amps. We also stock Tama stands which are my personal favourite and some might say industry standard when it comes to mic stands.



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