Your guide to 290 truss

by Brad on October 15, 2020

Lighting (or stage) truss is used to create structures to hang your lights, speakers, signs, curtains or LED screen. Quick and easy to setup and pack down, truss is great for concerts, theater, performing arts, trade shows and endless possibilities for creating the space and setup you need.  Whether you’re going as big as an outdoor stage or as small as a storefront window display, Titan AV has the right truss for your needs.  Our truss size can be packed down into 3 categories, 200, 290 & 400

Let’s take a deeper dive into our 290 style of truss.

Who uses truss?

Titan AV truss is supplied to multiple different professions across Australia, in industries looking after concert/stage events, outdoor concerts, theatre, wedding events, schools, churches, trade shows, DJ/Bands, photography studios, VR arcades and Gym/Ninja warriors.  

We even do custom designs like for our friends over at XGolf Enoggera, for more details on that check out the blog to see how your store might look with an integrated truss design!

Custom truss design for XGolf blog


Types of 290 truss


Flat - also known as ladder truss, typically used indoors for lighter duty applications or in conjunction with the bigger types of truss.  Perfect for curtains, decorations, small lights.  Flat truss is often used in retail environments, shop front windows, restaurants, food trucks, art galleries & museums and exhibitions.

Tri - is a popular choice for lighting and portable tv stands.  Often used paired with a sturdy 800 steel base plate triangular truss is popular with DJs, trade shows and presentations.

Box - is our most popular range of truss.  Used for small to medium size productions.  Popular uses for our 290 box truss are concert stages, venue installs for hanging lighting and speakers, VR gaming rooms and Ninja warrior courses.  Popular with production companies, churches, clubs, exhibitions, you can let your creativity run wild with box truss, it's essentially lego for adults.

5 chord - is box truss with an extra chord.  Used for more heavy duty work like hanging LED screens and moving head lighting due to its higher load weight rating.  Hanging screens, display panels, signage and curtains will be more stable due to the 5th chord acting as a centre or balanced hang point.

Tube - tube truss is used mostly for bracing bigger structures.  It can also be used for light duty jobs such as small lights and banners. Out tube truss has not been load rated and should not be used as a primary component in a truss structure.

Accessories - we have a full range of lighting clamps, mounts & adapters, spacers & spigots and scrims to help you get your lighting fixtures, LED screens, TVs and all your sound and lighting gears hung saftey to your 50mm truss.


All Shapes & Sizes

The reason why we call it 290 truss is because it measures 290mm across.  With our flat, tri and box coming in lengths of 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m (5 chord available in lengths of 1m, 2m & 3m).

Our 290 truss is made up of 50mm tubes with 20mm bracing tubes.  Having a wall thickness of 2mm on the main tube and the bracing tubes.  The wall thickness on our 290 5 chord is slightly thicker at 3mm due to it being used for heavier loads.

Corners & Curves

Be it a simple box or an elaborate multi shape design the design possibilities are almost endless. You'll need some corner pieces to do this.  Most commonly used, our 290 cubes give you 6 directions to work with giving the flexibility to put your truss in hundreds of different shapes and sizes.  If you want to get fancy with your designs you can check out Titan AV box circle truss.


Joining truss together.

Truss is super easy to assemble.  Perfect for when you're traveling with a roadshow or exhibition or too and from gigs.  Take a look at this video about how to assemble truss




What’s it made out of

Titan AV truss is made from high quality 6082-T6 Aluminium making it lightweight, strong and perfect for indoor and outdoor installs, although some maintenance will have to be given if installed outdoors and you want your truss to stay shiny!


Load rating and certification

Safety is paramount when hanging items in the air.  We need to make sure it's done safely.  Titan AV truss is the only Australian independently certified truss on the market!  Independently safety tested by Alfa Test (Australian independent inspection and testing company).   When we load rate our truss we do so in a safe and sensible way that takes deflection into account.

What can you do with truss?

There are a million and one ways to use truss.  The first and most popular use for it is lighting.  Be it a concert stage, theatre or local pub gig.  You’ll see it used to create some visual masterpieces or just being used to light whoever is on stage.


Truss is easy to assemble and pack down.  This makes it great for longevity in your business as you can take it with you if you move locations.  The Titan AV 290mm Box Truss Structure 3m(H) x 3.5m(D) x 3.5m(W) - Lighting Truss is perfect for VR arcades, photography booths and tradeshows.

Speaking of trade shows, these Titan AV 2m Tri Truss Tilt Mount TV/Plasma Stand with 800mm Steel Base are perfect for putting your TV’s on to show off your product or idea.  For a full rundown on our TV stands check out the blog here


Thinking outside the box

Truss isn’t alway about functionality.  Sometimes it's just nice to have things that look cool!  We’ve done some great fit outs in bars and clubs that not only used our truss for mounting lighting and speakers but they incorporate it into the design of the bar.  Picture this, black glossy truss, wooden panels, plants and fairy lights.  It can be a very cool industrial look. 

So if you’re looking to add value to your business and setup have a look at Titan AV truss.  Offering flexibility and scalability, it lasts forever, looks cool and has heaps of different uses. If you have any questions about Titan AV truss don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly sales team by emailing


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