How to setup a pedal board

by admin on October 01, 2018

This episode Brad and Ayden show you how to set up a pedal board. 

Hey I'm Brad from VFM Audio today we're setting up a Pedal Board using our Titan AV pedal board along with some of our Behringer pedals. Here's how you setup a pedal board.

Ayden's adding the tuner first then the compressor, then the overdrive, then the tremolo, then the delay, then the reverb. This is generally speaking how you'd setup a pedal chain. So tuner first then your dynamics then your overdrives then your modular effects and then your ambients.

There's no set rules when doing this all pedals work differently. Feel free to like try them out, just change them over. Do different orders. You might get different sounds depending on what you do. So many different possibilities

It sounds pretty good for an affordable pedal board. I reckon it'd be great to use at gigs. Check out our full range of pedal boards, pedals and accessories.


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