WTF is EVA? The beginners GUIDE to EVA foam.

by Shannon on June 15, 2021


Got a pair of thongs? Then you’ve got EVA foam! It’s versatile, easy to work with, durable, and reasonably priced which has made EVA foam wildly popular for a variety of uses.

Got a pair of flip flops? Then you’ve got EVA foam!

EVA is used for a whole bunch of stuff like...

Aside from footwear, EVA can be found in sports gear - such as yoga mats, life jackets and gym floor mats - body protection, packaging, cushions, seating, carpet underlay, padding, splints, cervical collars, costuming and crafting needs.

Yoga mats and blocks are made from EVA foam

VFM customers have found some creative uses for EVA as dog mats and horse bedding, insoles, insulation, underfloor cushioning for dance studios, automotive interior padding, as padding under fish tanks, to create puppets, spa covers & its even been used around pool filters to help reduce the noise.

EVA Foam

Get colourful with EVA foam!

Our EVA hard high density foam (85kg/m3) now comes in blue, red and yellow 30mm thick. For easy shipping to your door our EVA comes in 1x1metre. Shadow foam options are available with a 5mm black layer atop a 25mm coloured foam.

EVA foam in blue, red and yellow

If you're only after black foam, Titan AV have a range of 3mm - 40mm thick EVA foam in black.

EVA = Cosplay foam

EVA is responsible for creating the weapons, armour, and stage props that help bring the Cosplay universe to life. Just as sturdy as the standard polyethylene foams, only more flexible, EVA is easy to cut, heat, sand, carve, CNC and laser cut because of its closed cell foam material.

For tips on how you can use EVA foam to create epic costumes, checkout this YouTube vid.

 Crafting with EVA

Crafters like EVA’s smooth surface and compact material without cells and air bubbles because "No bubbles = no troubles" when it comes to shaping foam. EVA foam that's smooth on both sides (like Titan AV EVA foam) is the best choice if you're looking to layer foam.

The creative possibilities of EVA are endless as this YouTuber demonstrates using 2mm EVA foam to make sushi.

Boaters love EVA

If you’ve got a boat, be it a yacht, dinghy or kayak, EVA is great for decking and upholstering your boat seating thanks to its minimal water absorption (yes it floats!) and compression recovery. A very useful nautical material, EVA foam can be used to reduce damage as boat dock fenders.

 Protect your gear with EVA

Lightweight & capable of absorbing hard impacts, EVA foam is commonly used as padding inside road cases to safely transport your valuable equipment.

15mm EVA foam lined Titan AV Road Case

Place EVA foam sheets between your computer monitors or TV screens to keep them secure while in transit, perfect for karaoke hosts and trade show stall holders.

 Get that custom fit with an EVA foam insert

If you're looking for a super-satisfying way to organise, protect and transport your valuable equipment for years to come Titan AV offers a range of premium foam inserts. Cut to precision for that perfect fit, Titan AV EVA Foam Inserts house your microphones, antennas, belt packs, laptops and technical gear.

certified Australian Made foam inserts

EVA foam is impervious to mildew, mould, rot and bacteria ensuring your electronic equipment remains moisture free. Best of all Titan AV EVA Foam Inserts are made in Australia!

CNC machine cut foam inserts for 19" drawers

Designed & manufactured by our team in Brisbane using CNC router machines Titan AV EVA foam inserts are available with our Titan AV 19" rack drawers and waterproof hard cases. Ask us about Cut-to-Size and custom EVA projects to suit your needs.

Titan AV Hard Case for 15" Macbook Pro

Unsure if EVA is the right foam for your needs?! Read our article on choosing the right foam for you.


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