AV Workstation, 19
AV Workstation, 19
AV Workstation, 19
AV Workstation, 19
AV Workstation, 19
  • SKU: KIT-0132

AV Workstation, 19" Mixer Rack & Steel Drawers

19" Rack Workstation - Mobile Audio Hub

    This 19" Mixer Rack Workstation is perfect for DJs and musicians who need their equipment portable and protected. This 13RU high 3 lid workstation with top mixer rack is constructed from 9mm plywood with aluminium edging, recessed handles, lockable butterfly latches and castor wheels(two with brakes).

    The 19" rack make it suitable for 's, mixers, wireless microphone receivers and audio processors. This road case has a 19" 12RU  amp rack and a 19" 10RU mixer rack built in. Accessible from both front, rear and the top, allowing for  access to connections and setup of the rack equipment.

    The latest range of Titan AV Road cases all feature a Hexagonal laminate finish, the unique design is visually attractive and promotes better durability, anti-slip and scratch resistance (In comparison to traditional road case laminates).


    • 19" rack mounts
    • Removable front, rear & top covers
    • Front & rear covers double as side tables
    • Side table locks into secure mounting points to ensure that the table doesn't fall off during use
    • Made out of 9mm anti Scratch, tough and hard-wearing HexA pattern laminate plywood and aluminium edging
    • Flat corners
    • Recessed handles
    • Castor wheels (two with brakes): Titan AV 150kg 4”/100mm blue rubber (Hi-Tech PERFORMA wheels)
    • Steel butterfly latches (Lockable with pad lock)
    • Setup time: 2 minutes
    • Rack screws and nuts supplied
    • Warranty: 2 years


    • External dimensions: 705 x 535 x 970mm (DxWxH) (With covers on)
    • External dimensions: 525 x 535 x 860mm (DxWxH) (With covers off)
    • External height including  wheels: 1100mm
    • Internal dimensions: 525 x 482(19") x 540mm (DxWxH) (Amplifier rack)
    • Internal dimensions: 525 x 482(19") x 110mm (DxWxH) (Mixer rack)
    • 1 x 1RU steel drawer: 44 x 350 x (19")483mm (HxDxW)
    • 1 x 2RU steel drawer: 88 x 350 x (19")483mm (HxDxW)
    • Front rack to rear rack: 470mm (distance apart)
    • Amplifier rack: 19" 13RU (580mm)
    • Adjustable mixer rack: 19" 10RU (448mm)
    • Side table dimensions 535 x 970mm (DxW) Table height off the ground 760mm
    • Colour: Black
    • Weight: 54.3Kg
    • 1 x 12U high, 19" Mixer Rack Workstation on castors with drawers