50mm Truss Clips

Truss Clips - 50mm (12 Pack)

Titan AV Retaining Clips Designed for Robust Stage Truss Support

    Lost your R clips for your lighting truss? Don’t worry! Our Titan AV Truss Clips (12 pack) are here to save the day. Our 50mm Truss Clips are your go-to solution for securing your 290 and 400 series trussing. These double coil R clips are crafted with precision and designed to keep your setup rock-solid.

    Why Choose Titan AV 50mm Truss Clips?

    • Secure: Our Double Coil R Clips provide a stronger grip than standard retaining clips, ensuring your truss components stay in place no matter the action on stage.
    • Versatile: Perfect for both 290 and 400 series trussing, these retaining clips are essential for any AV setup.
    • Easy to Use: Lightweight and compact, these clips are easy to fit, remove, and reuse, making your setup and tear-down a breeze.
    • Built to Last: Made with high-quality materials, our truss clips are durable and reliable, giving you peace of mind for all your events.

    Whether you're an amateur musician setting up for a local gig or a professional producer handling large live events, Titan AV's 50mm Truss Clips are the perfect addition to your staging toolkit.


    What are the Titan AV 50mm Truss Clips used for?
    Our truss clips are designed to secure the tapered shear coupler pins used in 290 truss and 400 truss, ensuring the stability and safety of your truss structures.

    How do these clips compare to standard R clips?
    Titan AV's Double Eye R Clips feature a double coil design, providing a superior grip compared to standard R clips (also known as retaining clips), making them more reliable for securing your truss components.

    Are these clips compatible with other truss systems?
    These clips are specifically designed for 290 and 400 series trussing. For other systems, please check compatibility with our customer support team.

    How many clips are included in one pack?
    Each pack contains 12 high-quality 50mm truss clips.

    Why do I need 50mm Truss Clips for my AV setup?
    The 50mm Truss Clips from Titan AV ensure that your truss components are securely fastened, reducing the risk of structural failure and enhancing the overall safety of your audio visual setup.

    What other accessories complement these truss clips?
    We offer a range of 50mm connecting accessories that perfectly complement our 290 and 400 series trussing, enhancing the versatility and functionality of your AV setup.

    Join the Titan AV community today and discover the difference that high-quality, reliable truss clips can make in your AV setup. Secure your AV gear with Titan AV truss.