Titan AV 30m CAT6A Shielded EthercCON Cable
Titan AV 30m CAT6A Shielded EthercCON Cable
Titan AV 30m CAT6A Shielded EthercCON Cable
Titan AV 30m CAT6A Shielded EthercCON Cable
Inside view of Titan AV 30m CAT6A Shielded EthercCON Cable
  • SKU: TAV-NET-30M

Titan AV 30m CAT6A Shielded EtherCON Cable


    Designed in Brisbane, Titan AV CAT Cables harness the power of our Tour Ready CAT6A Shielded Cable, guaranteeing exceptional analog and digital audio performance that stands strong in live sound & studio setups.

    With top-tier shielding technology and robust Neutrik EtherCON connectors encompassing shielded RJ45 jacks, our Titan AV Ethernet cables effortlessly meet the highest industry standards. Each cable has successfully undergone rigorous Fluke certification testing, assuring superior quality and reliability. Wrapped in a durable, tour-ready rubber sheath, these cables offer unparalleled protection, making them the ideal choice for professionals.

    What's inside our CAT6A Shielded Cables?

    Premium cable components are what sets Titan AV CAT6A Shielded Cables apart from other cable brands. SFTP stands for Screened Fully shielded Twisted Pair. This is a special type of cable that uses multiple versions of metal shielding to block outside interference from disrupting signals transmitted across the wires. It incorporates the methods employed by several other cables to achieve maximum protection.

    Features of CAT6A Shielded Cable:

    • Shield RJ45
    • Neutrik EtherCON cable connector NE8MX-B-1
    • SFTP (Screened Fully Shielded Twisted Pair) CAT6A Cable
    • PE insulator & Conductive PVC: Yes
    • Cotton yarn: No
    • Oxygen Free Cable: Yes
    • Clear heat shrink fitted for easy labeling
    • Free from micro-phonics
    • Limited lifetime warranty


    • Length: 30(Total length including Ethercon) Cat6A Shielded EtherCON cable
    • Conductor Size (mm²): 8 x 0.14mm² (#26AWG)
    • Outside Diameter (mm): ø7.5mm
    • Dual Shield Coverage: 100% (Aluminium foil (twisted pair inner shield) & OFC Copper braid (outer shield))
    • Weight: 2.1kg
    • Color: Black

    This CAT6a cable is specifically designed for use with Ethercon connectors; using it without these connectors can cause damage or performance issues and may void the warranty.