4U Rack Case - 19
4U Rack Case - 19
4U Rack Case - 19
4U Rack Case - 19
4U Rack Case - 19
4U Rack Case - 19
4U Rack Case - 19

4U Rack Case with Plastic Hard Shell

Professional 19" Rack Case: Lightweight, Strong & Water-Resistant

    Elevate your equipment's protection with the Titan AV X-Series 4U Rack Case – a perfect blend of sleek design, robust construction, and cutting-edge features. Crafted from a durable yet lightweight Polypropylene shell, equipped with a TUFF latching system, and featuring a water-resistant design, this case goes beyond the ordinary. Here's why it's the ideal choice:

    Key Features:

    • Polypropylene Powerhouse: Created through advanced injection molding, our 4U rack case stands out with Polypropylene's exceptional mechanical properties, offering superior resistance to structure fatigue, impact, and heat. A step above the common polyethylene and ABS cases, Titan AV X-Series ensures lasting durability.

    • Water-Resistant Design: While not fully waterproof, this 4U rack case guards your gear against water with its water-resistant design. Perfect for protecting your equipment from unexpected spills or light rain.

    • TUFF Latching System: Featuring 2 TUFF latches, this case ensures a secure enclosure for your gear. Simple yet robust, providing reliable peace of mind.

    • Stack and Secure: The interlocking capabilities of the design allow for easy and secure stacking.

    • Precision Rack Rails: Equipped with front and rear steel rack rails, compatible with cage nuts and M6 machine screws, providing a stable platform for your 19" rack equipment.

    • Built for Tough Environments: Titan AV X-Series Rack Cases are meticulously engineered to shield delicate 19" rack equipment from impact, water, moisture, dust, and harsh environments. 


    • Material: Lightweight FX-2PP (Polypropylene)
    • Water Resistant: Yes (Note: Water-resistant, not waterproof)
    • Rack Height: 4U
    • TUFF Latches: 2
    • Handles: 2
    • Stackable: Yes
    • Airline Check-In: Yes
    • Airline Cabin Carry-On: No
    • Warranty: 2 years

    Dimensions and Weight:

    • Interior: 515 x 489 x 185mm (cover depth 40mm front & rear)
    • Exterior (With Covers): 615 x 580 x 258mm
    • Exterior (Without Covers): 520 x 580 x 258mm
    • Rack to Rack Distance: 455mm
    • Internal Volume: 53.8L
    • Weight: 9 Kg

    Always check with your airline carrier before traveling.

    Secure your gear with the Titan AV X-Series 4U Rack Case – the guardian your equipment deserves. Order yours today!