1 Metre 290 Flat Truss
1 Metre 290 Flat Truss
  • SKU: TR-SF30-100

1 Metre 290 Flat Truss


    TR-SF30 Flat truss also commonly known as Ladder truss and is typically used indoors, for example to create studio grids, to mount curtains in theatre settings or for small lighting applications. Flat truss is also well suited to serve a more decorative purpose in retail environments, perfect for restaurant, food trucks, market places, exhibitions and shopping malls.

    Furthermore, flat truss is often used in combination with other truss types which significantly expands their application scope. Fast and easy assembly thanks to the innovative conical coupling system, TR-SF30 truss is available in multiple lengths, a range of corners and has a range of mounting and adapter accessories and base plates. This style of 290mm trussing is also available in triangular and box/square profiles.

    Certifications and compliance, safety is number 1 in our industry and with that said we call upon independent inspection and testing company Alfa Test (ISO17025 compliant & Nata Accreditation). Alfa test conduct all necessary testing to ensure Titan AV truss systems comply with Australian engineering standards. For further information on materials and testing please refer to attached truss data sheet.


    • Australian Engineering Certification (Independently tested, ISO17025 Laboratory tested) 
    • Set of spigots (conical couplers) and pins included in sale (2 x Spigots, 4 x Pins & 4 x Clips)
    • Rigging applications: Video walls, moving heads, heavy lighting applications, display panels, signage & curtains
    • Event application: Stage production, Venues, Exhibitions, Clubs & Churches
    • Custom colours available (Powder coating), contact Titan AV team for a quote
    • Warranty: 2 years


    • Length: 1m
    • Weight: 4 kg
    • Material: 6082-T6 Aluminium
    • Main tube: 50mm (Wall thickness - 2mm)
    • Braces: 20mm (Wall thickness - 2mm)
    • 1 x 1m Flat 290mm Truss


    Flat Truss Load Table

    Span Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) Deflection Centre Point Load (CPL) Deflection
    1 845.0 0.0 845.0 0.0
    2 418.0 3.0 623.0 2.0
    3 218.0 6.0 345.0 5.0
    4 95.0 13.0 202.0 11.0
    5 43.0 21.0 114.0 17.0
    6 20.0 30.0 53.0 24.0