Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad 5-Pin XLRF
Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad 5-Pin XLRF
Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad 5-Pin XLRF
Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad 5-Pin XLRF

Titan AV CAT Tail, etherCON to Quad 5-Pin XLRF


    Titan AV CAT tails Cat5e/Cat6/etherCON to 4 x XLRF connectors, designed to link 4 channels of 5 pin DMX via Ethernet Cat5e or Cat6 cable. Common applications are for use in stage, studio and live band lighting, the loom/snake will help speed up setup and pull down as well eliminate cable mess and allow for easy cable identification thanks to the cable markers on each connector. Each channel consists of a pair of OFC conductors, encased in a helical/braided ground shield. Break outs are clearly labelled, each extension cord is wrapped in a protective braid and heavy-duty heat shrink. With quality shielded cables and quality connectors you can rest assured this multi network etherCON CAT tail will eliminate any interference whilst transferring high quality digital signals. TAV cables use high end custom connectors, helical shielded cable & a tough PVC outer jacket to insure superior performance and reliability.

    Titan AV Audio connectors and adapters are ergonomic, high quality, reliable and backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.

    *Please note this product does not work with 48v phantom power unless using true sheilded cable




    • Four XLR digital signals down a single shielded CAT cable
    • Transmits four channels of DMX signal
    • AES/EBU/DMX signal up to 100m
    • EtherCON connection RJ45 
    • RJ45 jack CAT6 or CAT5e shielded cable
    • High quality custom connectors and cable
    • Gold plated connectors
    • Perfect for use with DMX signals
    • Multi-banded oxygen-free copper conductor
    • PE insulation which provides a low capacitance dielectric
    • Conductive PVC helps to reinforce shielding
    • Helical shield resists electromagnetic interference
    • Free from micro-phonics
    • Durable flexible matte black outer PVC jacket keeps the cable abrasion-resistant
    • 100% Screening
    • Limited life time warranty


    • Length: 0.4m (Total length including jacks & etherCON hub)
    • 40cm Fantail extension cord (each connector)
    • DMX matching impedance: 110 Ohm
    • Colour: Black
    • 1 x Titan AV etherCON to Quad 5-Pin XLR-F Multicore Loom Cable Network DMX Stage Snake Cat Breakout