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  • SKU: X-MT-88

Titan AV XLR Female Socket to 1/4" Mono Low to HI Impedance Transformer

    This Titan AV audio adapter is perfect for converting low impedance balanced signals of a microphone to a high-impedance un-balanced signal input on a mixer/recorder. In this process the transformer is providing additional gain for optimal signal level. This Titan AV Low-to-high impedance matching transformer provides 24 dB of signal gain increase. It has a balanced female XLR and un-balanced 1/4" jack connector, and may be used in reverse. Similar to the Shure A85F, also commonly called impedance matcher or impedance transformer. 
    Titan AV Audio connectors and adapters are ergonomic, high quality, reliable and backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.
    • Low to High impedance converter
    • 24dB signal increase
    • High quality adapter
    • Perfect for use with mixers, audio devices and microphones
    • 100% Screening
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Length: 60mm (Total length including jacks)
    • Colour: Chrome & black
    • Pin2 to Pin3 600 Ohms / TR Jack 50KOhms
    • Material: Metal
    • 1 x Impedance Line matching transformer (XLR female - 1/4" Jack)