XLR Female to Female Connector
  • SKU: X-CD-23

XLR Female to Female Connector

Professional Balanced Microphone XLR Connector
    This XLR Female to Female Connector is perfect for converting male XLR connectors to female XLR connectors. Attach it to the male end of an XLR cable and turn it into an XLR Female to Female Connector. Common application for this adapter is converting returns on a stage box to sends, perfect for last minute stage mods. This inline microphone XLR connector uses two female XLR connectors back to back and is capable of transferring a balanced signal. 
    Titan AV Audio connectors and adapters are ergonomic, high quality, reliable and backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.

    • Ergonomic
    • High quality adapter
    • Perfect for use with microphones, mixers and power amplifiers
    • 100% Screening
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Length: 90mm (Total length including jacks)
    • Material: Metal adapter
    • Colour: Chrome
    • 1 x XLR Female to Female Connector