19" Rack Cases

by admin on April 17, 2019

So you just bought your new fancy digital rackmount mixer. It cost a decent amount of money. You work hard for your money. So why not invest in a road case to protect your expensive investment?

Today we're looking at our range of rugged & versatile 19" rack cases. These cases are probably the most common type of road case. Their industry standard 19 inch width means you can neatly house your 19" digital mixers, audio processors, effects racks and power amplifiers.

But I know what it's like…. you’ve got a bit more gear than just your rack mounted equipment. Microphones, computers, routers, ipad’s, pens.

19" Accessories

There's a tonne of 19" accessories that make these cases highly customisable to store your bits and pieces:

  1. Patch panels, to manage your cables and give you some more flexibility over your I/O’s
  2. Power rails (power distribution units/PDUs) to power & protect your electrical gear
  3. Shelves, the perfect place to put your routers, computers, audio interfaces.
  4. Lockable steel drawers for storing your microphones, cables and connectors or even your car keys
  5. Cooling fan kits (We all know how hot our digital mixers and amplifiers can run!)

19” rack mount accessories are measured in RU (Rack Units). 1RU measures 1.7 inches (or 44.45mm) tall. Titan AV 19" rack cases are available in 2RU, 4RU, 6RU, 8RU, 10RU, 12RU, 14RU, and 16RU sizes & so you don't break your back our 10-16RU sized 19" rack cases come supplied with heavy-duty castor wheels.

Titan AV 19" 6RU Rack Mount Road Case

Removable front & rear panels with road ready latches allow for easy & quick access to your gear and our range of heavy-duty shockproof 19" rack cases use EVA foam to better protect your gear from shock & impact.

So, whether you’re looking for a 2RU cases just to house your power amplifier or a 16RU case on wheels to move your entire kit in one load (everyone loves a quick and easy setup/pack down!). Titan AV cases are tried and tested out on the road, used by event production companies, musicians and bands, lighting companies, dance companies and lots of theatres and music venues, you can feel safe with your precious valuables stored away safely.

Titan AV cases

All Titan AV road cases come supplied with:

  • 9mm thick plywood with an anti-scratch and hard-wearing hexagonal laminate finish
  • Tour grade recessed handles
  • Robust hinges
  • Sturdy butterfly latches
  • Aluminium extrusion edging, and
  • Protective corners manufactured from hardened steel.

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