Take your office with you

by admin on May 22, 2019

Always wanted that prestige of an office job but never wanted to be stuck in an office? Titan AV workstations allow you to take your office with you!

Removable side panels conceal steel trestle legs that turn into a table where you can set up your computer, projector, mixing console, lighting desk or just eat your dinner.

Tour grade castors make transporting your workstation a breeze. Getting all your gear from the truck or van to where you have to set up, usually miles away, will be no problem (although we haven’t figured out a way to make them climb up stairs yet!)

They provide plenty of storage to carry your mixer and essential gear (cables, tools, batteries, chargers, etc...). Our Titan AV workstation cases are designed to store your 19” rack mountable gear making them an excellent choice for everything from mobile public address systems, bands and sound engineers to DJ workstations.



Sometimes space is all you need

If you’re thinking… “I don’t need no office with a table, I’m as free as a bird”, then the Titan AV 4 Drawer Workstation Road Case (pictured below) is an ideal solution. As the name suggests this case is supplied with 4 custom fit drawers, each lined with EVA foam for padding. External heavy-duty recessed handles allow you to hold on as you’re gliding down a hill head first* on your 5 sturdy castors perfect for smooth transportation.
*We don’t recommend trying this because you’ll probably get hurt, the case will be fine though.

So, if you’re looking for a storage and transport solution where you can make
yourself at home in your own little office space, our Titan AV Workstation series
of road cases are the perfect choice for musicians, audio engineers or public speakers.


Titan AV cases

All Titan AV road cases come supplied with:

  • 9mm thick plywood with an anti-scratch and hard-wearing hexagonal laminate finish,

  • recessed handles,

  • sturdy butterfly latches,

  • aluminium extrusion edging, and

  • protective corners manufactured from hardened steel.


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