Protective Cases - Road Cases, Hard Camera Cases, Waterproof Cases

by admin on October 30, 2018

Today we’re talking all things cases. The Titan AV range of road cases are perfect for musicians, production companies, backline companies, drum hardware, lights, speakers or any electrical gear that you want to keep safe.


Road Cases

We have a huge range on the Titan AV road cases. Everything to suit rack mounted mixes, cases for pedalboards, cases for digital mixers including the Yamaha TF series and the Presonus Studiolive Series III. We’ve also got the 19” rack mountable cases suitable for amplifiers, outboard gear, studio gear.  They can come with or without the shockproof suspension foam.

Waterproof Cases

Titan AV waterproof hard cases are dust proof, scratch resistant, waterproof, super lightweight, and super durable. They’ve got 8mm lock points for your padlocks, a pressure regulator so it doesn’t suck in on an aeroplane. Pick n pluck foam insert so you can custom fit any gear, any shape. Sturdy latches, label holder, also 2 years warranty. What are they good for? Cameras, lenses, drones, microphones, audio interfaces, and any electrical gear that you want to keep safe.

Check out our massive range of cases to suit any need.


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