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by admin on May 30, 2019

So, you’ve been put in charge of organising all of your theatre and production equipment but don’t know where to start? VFM sell a range of products to help you create hassle free theatrical productions.

Lights, curtain, action... wait how do we hang the lights and curtains? Enter...



What's truss? Well, truss is pretty much giant Lego for adults. Lighting (or stage) truss is used to create structures to hang your lights, speakers, curtains or LED screen (cue movie night). Want to light up a public speaker or give some cool lighting to a battle of the bands show? You'll need truss! 

Titan AV truss is made from high quality 6082-T6 aluminium (meaning it lasts for ages) and is tested to strict Australian standards to let you know exactly how much weight you can safely rig off of it. Use Titan AV truss to assemble any shape or structure you need, as long as its been checked by an engineer to ensure its properly setup and secure! 

Truss can be easily moved around to create different configurations and just as easily disassembled to move locations if the need arises. Truss is also great for outdoor sporting events, hanging your school team banners or creating a starting/finishing archway. Our Titan AV 290 Flat Truss Archway 3m x 2.5m package comes with a road case for easy transportation around campus or take your own banner setup offsite for sporting carnivals.

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Storage Solutions

You’ve just bought a handful of expensive gear for your department and let’s face it, your boss isn’t going to let you buy expensive gear again for a number of years.  So, you need to protect it and road cases are a great way to store your small and large gear.  Everything from video projectors, truss, computers, music stands, amplifiers, speakers, stage lights, microphone and instrument cables, sheet music, music stand banners, uniforms or costumes, needs a case to protect your valuable investment. 


Titan AV road cases are stackable so you can pack them away neatly in a storeroom and put your unappreciated talent for Tetris to good use!

All Titan AV road cases come supplied with:

  • 9mm thick plywood with an anti-scratch and hard-wearing hexagonal laminate finish
  • Tour grade recessed handles
  • Robust hinges
  • Sturdy butterfly latches
  • Aluminium extrusion edging, and
  • Protective corners manufactured from hardened steel.
  • EVA foam lined interior

We all love bullet points, but what’s this all mean?  The short of it, Titan AV cases are road ready, professional tour grade cases that will handle almost anything you throw at them.  Built to last and the best way to get all your expensive gear out of plastic tubs and shopping bags.

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Truss gives you the ability to hang lights, curtains, props, speakers, TVs, LED screens and projectors.  Coming in a variety of different types like box, tri, flat, tube and circle, you can always find a combination to suit your needs.  You can have it powder coated to be any colour you like, most people like black for installs because it will hide away nicely up on your ceiling or in the wings of your stage.

Cases protect your expensive investments.  Most of our larger Titan AV cases come with caster wheels so they are easy to move around.  Having everything in box shaped cases makes for easy packing in storage rooms with not enough room.  Knowing you have a place for everything makes things easier to look after and know where your things are!

Check out our cases, truss, and truss packages via the links below or get in contact with our sales team to discuss a setup that’s perfect for you.

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